Should I get electrolysis or laser for LARGE areas of hair removal?

Here is what areas I want to get professionally epilated:

chest thinned
back & shoulders

Considering that is such a large area would it be best to get laser or electroylsis? And if laser how many hours and treatments would it take and what price?

And which method is more likely to be permanent?


Hi Jim

If the hair is dark, IMHO it is best to go with laser first, then finish up any stragglers you may have with electrolysis. Laser can cover larger areas in a shorter amount of time, so it is most cost effective when there is a large area or many hairs to treat.

Be sure to find a qualified practicioner – either a physician or somewho experienced who is working under a physician’s direction.


No one can guarantee how much permanent reduction you will see with laser. It starts with zero and up. There is risk involved that should be added to the cost effectiveness formula.

Considering the area you are looking for is large the laser is the best method. The cost could be prohibitive but if not and you have dark hair go for the laser treatment. It is very important to go to a qualified doctor. What city are you located in?

We do Electrolysis and Laser,and to some of the post,I am not a doctor.
So I like to add please look for a well trained Technican Laser or Electrolysis.How will you know?
ask questions and lots of them.
From what you posted I would also say go with Laser,but it depends on how much hair there is in all.
you also did not want your chest totaly bare,you better make this clear to whom you talk and ask how this will go for YOU.
Everbody has diffrent hair growth and everybody really needs be to looked and treated as in what they need.

Start with laser, finish with electrolysis. Get the best of both methods. As the others have said, the skill of the practitioner is most important!