Should I feel pulling/popping/breaking?


I’ve been doing electrolysis for many years. I recently decided to try out new people due to excessive scabbing and irritation caused by my electrologist of several years.

My visit today with a new electrologist concerned me. With almost every hair, I felt a “pop.” It almost felt as though she was pulling the hair out. I felt the usual pain/stinging, but instead of the usual slide-out, I felt a definite break/pop. Her explanation for this was two-fold: 1) The hair follicles were all very dry because they were in between cycles. She referred to them as “anagen.” B/c they were dry, if she left the needle in too long, she said it would cause irritation. 2) She said I was feeling the hair come out because the root is bigger than the follicle. Therefore the popping.

Is this a legitimate explanation? Is it really appropriate for me to feel the hair coming out when it’s “in-between?” Has she caused more damage than good?

HELP! Thanks!!!


I learned from this website, that the second explanation (the root is bigger than the follicle and that’s why you feel the popping) it’s true.
It’s all i can help with, sorry, i don’t know the answer for the rest of your question.
Hope this help


As far as I know as long as you don’t feel the hair being pulled out as if it were being plucked it should be fine. I have felt the pulling with both electrologists that i’ve used. I don’t know about the explanation about the anagen stage though because that should be when you don’t feel the root coming out because it’s not hard it’s soft. But the root being bigger than the follicle sounds right. Maybe try another electrologist and see what they say.

How long did you go to your last lady for and have you seen any benefits? Is there less hair then when you started?


Anagen is when the hairs are in the best position to be treated. A small pop might be acceptable if one were using a setting that was designed to be just enough to treat the hair, but not higher so that the client can have maximum comfort. One must be careful in doing this however, because too low and full treatment is not happening either.

What bothers me is that if this person really said that anagens are dry that was either a mental computer glitch, or this person really doesn’t know what they are talking about. (at least she doesn’t know what Anagen Phase is anyway) Anagen is the phase when the hair is its most MOIST, and is therefore treatable. It is in categen and telagen phases that the hair bulb becomes increasingly dry and more likely to be felt on the epilation.