Should I epilate my arms?

Hello I am new and have quite a few questions :blush:

I have had my epilator for a few months and all is well, I epilate maybe three times a month and use a razor for inbetween if its needed. However, I get the ingrown hairs, has anyone used Ingrow Go? Or could anyone recommend me another brand that I can buy in UK shops?

Also, as my epilating appears to be going well, I have done a test patch on my arm, I did it about a month ago and have re done the patch twice, and it looks ok, not red or lumpy or any ingrown hairs either.

Does anyone have any advice about epilating arms? I am aware it will be red the first time as my legs were, but the patch I have done is so clear I really want to do it but need good advice :slight_smile:

So, ANY advice anyone can give me about that Ingrow Go brand and epilating my arms would be greatly appreciated.
Also, is this a good system to use when epilating: shower, exfoliate, epilate, body lotion

Should I be doing anything else?

I use the Philips Satin Soft if that’s of any use, and please don’t recommend laser surgery I simply can’t afford it :grin:

Thankyou so much in advance, the booklet I got was no use!

Hiya Lizzi,

A good brand you can buy off the Internet (haven’t found any shops in the UK that sell it) is tend skin, which works wonders for ingrowns, shaving rash and so on. It’s godly stuff!

Here’s the link for a site that sells it:

Although I haven’t purchased items from this shop so I don’t know what theyr’e like. I got mine from Mankind (which I know is a mens site, but still is a good shop).

And yes thats quite a good regime, the exfoliation will help prevent ingrowns and if you keep doing it afterwards (not straight afterwards, simply because it will drive your skin insane) once the red/soreness has gone down.

The Philips epilator is a good brand, that was my first epilator to think of it and I still use it for inbetween my eyebrows and on the backs of my hands from time to time.
The arms I found generally don’t react as badly as others areas such as the navel/pubis line, arm pits and so on, as the skin is generally tougher and less sensitive.

I can’t say Iv’e ever heard of Ingrow Go, maybe have a look around the web for any reviews on the product. You can usually find them on the middle man type of websites that help advertise for brands/shops.

Kind regards,