Should I do it.....?

Ok, well I was planning on writing a long post but gathering my thoughts is tiresome at the moment, so I will keep it simple.

My sister is very hairy, very hairy, probably the most hairy person I have met personally. She requires a lot of work, especially on her face. Right now, she’s a student and can’t afford electrolysis, especially not on the scale she needs. For me, I was only going for a reduction and if I stop anytime now, I can live with it. With her hair, it’s a different matter. Even when she can afford it, I don’t know if she will be able to make that financial commitment. She also needs laser in all the places that she can have that. She hardly waxes her legs as the ingrowns are terrible - her leg hair is so thick and dense, it’s the same over the knee as the rest of the leg.

Anyway, I have been thinking; why don’t I purchase a blend machine (Sterex SX-B), learn as much as I can (not a problem for me with my line of work) and get practicing somewhere on her body. Even if it takes a few years before I feel competent to work on her face, if I can get to that stage, it would make a huge difference to her life. She wouldn’t have to worry about how she was going to have electrolysis - the cost, the time, finding someone nearby who is good (I travel 1hr30 to get to mine).

What do you guys think? Is it do-able?

If I find out I’m rubbish at it - well, at least I tried.


As you would see all through the board, and this section in particular, we advocate that if one is going to try it at home, one set up just the situation you are talking about. A buddy system, where at least one person is learning and working on another. In the best situation, they both learn, and trade work on each other.

You will want to get the book by Mike Bono, as it is the best book for someone going from no knowledge to being able to do decent work. If you can get your hands on a frist edition, all the better (lots cut from the second edition)

You will want to start your work in galvanic on the legs, as that will allow you to work at getting good enough to progress to blend, and after you are good enough at blend, you can start the learning curve all over and start doing thermolysis. I trust that you will have enough hair to get good before you bare the area between her ankles and her knees if she hass all the hair you say she has.

If the Sterex SX-B is all you can get, then go for it, but if you have the ability to get a Fischer, Silhouet-Tone or better yet, an Apils, then I think your learning curve will be shorter, and your speed will be faster.