Should I be worried???

It’s been 5 days since my first treatment and there is no hair on the two areas I received electrolysis on. I’m wondering if I should worry? I still have scabs, they’re falling off and alot of dry skin, that I’m using tend skin aloe and vitamin c to nourish, but other then that everything seems fine. Is it possible that one session could kill all my hairs? Just needed some advice on what could be happening. Am I thinking to much on this? Could my hair growth just be slower then average? All comments are welcome…Thanks in advance…


It is biologically impossible for hair that was treated just five days ago to appear. Not knowing how coarse or deep the hair was or what stage of growth the hair was in when it was treated leads me to this general statement about regrowth: hair that was treated 5 days ago could reappear in the 4-13 week window of time. If you see hair appear before that time, it is hair that was underneath the skin that was not treated and ready to sprout soon.
Scabs falling off is fine. Never pick them off as you may cause scarring or infection. Ask your electrologist to turn down the current next time. Not to worry,the skin is a marvelous organ and heals itself very well.
Sounds like you’re on your way to being hairfree. Just give it TIME and be consistent with your appointments.