Should I be concerned?

Should I be concerned with what the provider told me?

I had my first procedure done on my face and they used the Max laser from Elos. The girl that did the procedure had been doing laser hair removal for 5 years. I’ve attached a picture taken about 90 minutes after.

I told them:
I had a lot of red bumpiness afterwards that is still not 100% gone this morning. My face also felt like it was on fire for 3 or so hours, like when you get sunburn and have all that heat coming off your body. I had to sit in front of a fan for a couple of hours to make it feel better.

They said:

The reaction on your face is normal. Applying ice before the treatment and after for a little while can help.

The red bumpiness is where you will see results. This is active hair growth. Does this make sense!?!


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Feeling “hot” or “on fire” after the session is done is usually a bad sign. I don’t feel pain after my sessions are done. The only time I did feel it, a burn mark showed up the next day.

The pic does not look that bad if it was right after your treatment. If it is not gone after 24 hours, then I would be concerned.

Curtis, I had similar “whelps” and bumps after my first treatment. And I also felt like I’d had a mild sunburn. However that was all gone the next day. I think you’re fine. Since you posted your comments a few days ago, I’d be curious to know how things are going. This past treatment, on Dec 2, was the first time I had anything done on my facial hair, which was on my neck and cheekbone area. Honestly, I can’t really tell if it did any good on my neck, but definitely has made a difference on my cheeks. The skin was tender the first day, but, again, after about 24 hours the color was gone and felt fine.

This was taken a couple of days ago. I was told this is just because the skin was irritated, which sounds right. Not gone yet. Maybe I have really thick hair.

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