Should ALL hairs fall out following a session?

I have had 9 treatments done on my bikini area. Normally, after 10-14 days, ALL hairs would fall out and I would be completely hairless until the next treatment.

I recently started laser hair removal on my upper legs, but at a different clinic. It has now been a month since my first treatment. Some hairs have fallen out, but definitely not all. Is this a sign that the practitioner is using the wrong settings on me? Or is it actually normal that not all hairs fall out?

Ive never seen anyone where all thehair fell out after every treatment. I once did 12 sessions of laser and that NEVER happened, mind my laser results were terrible.I have that fact to thank, for why I do electrology today.

Not surprising. Upper legs (thighs) do not typically respond as well to laser reduction, unlike the lower legs. Ask your laser specialist. Some hairs take about 3 weeks to shed, so observe what happens to you.

Thank you for your responses!
That’s good to know - I was not aware that the thighs generally do not respond well to laser reduction. I suppose I will ask my specialist to adjust the settings, then?