Shoudl I continue?

I have been working on my left arm for some time but I noticed that now where there used to be hair there are those little tiny white marks that looks like goosebumps. it’s small and only visible under certain angles but it bothers me. Will it go away? Is there any way to make it go away? exfoliation? the thing is I worked litle on my chest fingers uppper arms and the area that has these bumps is only my lower arm and no it wasn’t there to beging with because I can see my right arm which I have not touched and it doesnt have these.

Are you a consumer self treating?

that’s correct
Sorry to post this in proffesional electrolysis but I thought that I will get answers faster here.

It’s really tiny like microscopic where the hair used to be now it is that raised little bump

I’ve only heard of one reference (here) to match what you describe, and the electrologists responding seemed to be at a loss as to what was happening for that individual. My personal thought from your initial description would be that you have overtreated the follicle.

What kind of device are you using? Is it a device for professional use, or is it a home-use device? Is it galvanic or thermolysis? If it is galvanic, it could be that your skin is not compatable with that current. If it is thermolysis, then perhaps the current spread is not appropriate for your hair follicles. This would mean adjusting timing and/or intensity.

It’s vector electrolysis made to be a proffesional machine
with needle holder. It’s galvanic.
Do you think this will go away? it’s really small. Maybe abrasion? one more thing when I squizee these little dots there seems to be a liitle puss in some of the bigger ones. It’s been 3-4 weeks since I stopped treating my arm and it’s still there

Something weird is going on if 3 or 4 weeks after treatment you have pus coming out of the treated follicles. Perhaps you are picking at your skin? Your earlier description sounded like your skin was healing with white spots. This would indicate (to me) improper treatment with galvanic.

Your subject question was “Should I continue?” I would say no. Self-treating is not a good idea - even if you have a professional epilator.

I though I could do this myself but I guess it’s not so easy. I’ll try and fing good electrologist.
thank you

I do think that would be the wise thing to do.


Sell your machine on e-Bay and use the money to pay for Electrolysis.

Sell your machine on e-Bay and use the money to pay for Electrolysis.

good idea