short wave or should i switch to blend?

I have read that short wave is not that effective. I am currently having short wave on my chin, top lip and sides. Please could someone let me know whether i should switch to blend. My skin does go a bit red and scab but nothing major. I am seeing a difference but want to know whether i am recieving the right method. I dont want the hair to come back.My electrologist has ten years of experience. My electrologist advised me stick to short wave to get total clearence and then once there is a reduction to switch to blend. Would you recommend this. I have also had 2 treatments of soft light laser on my face about 6 months ago. I saw an increase in hair growth on my face which has depressed me. She did my neck without consultin me, which had no hair previously to treatment. Now i have noticed an increase of very small and fine vellus hairs-is what my electrolgist calls it on my neck. They said that laser cannot stimulate hair. Is this true? Where as I know that the hair i see there today was not there before i had the laser treatment. Are these vellus hairs easier to kill with electrolyis as i have not tampered with them!
The thought if dealing with more hair is ruining my life. I have bleached these hairs. My Electrolgist has advised me to wait for the bleach to come off before they treat them. Then agin she is very reluctant to treat them as they keep telling me they are vellus hairs and are perfectly normal to have-is this true. Please help!

Practitioner skill is more important than the mode of treatment for effectiveness.

Having said that, I also start a client in thermolysis so that they can get to the point of not using any other form of hair removal as soon as possible. Then if the hair merits it, we switch to blend when we can clear out the area in blend. I have also never had a problem treating bleached hairs. Of course, I can see the smallest of hairs with my stereo microscope. It may be very hard indeed to treat these with a circle lamp, as they would be very hard to see.

Actually, there are reports that say that some laser treatments can, and do cause more hair to grow. There are even places advertising laser hair growth treatments!

Vellus hair is normal, and everyone has it. I would suggest that you put away your magnifying mirror and look at yourself in normal lighting, three to six feet away from the mirror in order to get an idea of what everyone else sees when they look at you. Stripping away all your vellus hair would make you look even stranger, because you would look like a Madame Tussaud’s wax figure.