Short-term electric tweezer data

I recently saw an ad citing a published report in a clinical journal. This uncontrolled experiment followed electric tweezers for nine weeks.

Bjerring P, Egekvist H, Blake T. Skin Research and Technology 1998;4:196-9.

I wrote to Henrik Egekvist, MD, PhD and got this reply (he answers are in bold):
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Are the facts of this advertisement correct? It states:

You tested electric tweezers on 10 patients


You observed 60% hair reduction with electric tweezers 9 weeks after treatment.


You observed a pain rating of 13 for electric tweezers.

[b]Yes, but important 13 on a pain rating scale from 0-100 (13 corresponding to mild pain).

Sincerely, Henrik Egekvist [/b] </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>

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Those wanting more information on this product to be avoided:

I cannot believe my eyes. This stuff is still being resurrected. I was in Federal Court at my expense for almost 12 years proving Electric Tweezers do nothing but tweeze hair!

The court agree, the Federal Trade Commission agreed and the Food & Drug Adminstration called it “Quackery!”

I may be a Grandfather and not a major contributor to this forum but I am to the Profession of Permanent Hair Removal.

The Truth is the same in any age and the new self inaugurated authorities do not have a corner of the market to destroy anyones character true or false on a public forum.

Oh, I see, it’s the grandfather phrase that got you. Now I must withdraw my sincere compliment that I gave you only out of respect for what you mean to the electolysis profession, because you have so arrogantly misinterpereted what was said. There was no need for your anger, because I wasn’t attacking you in any way. So much for trying to be kind to another person.