Shopping for new epilator

Ok, pros. I need your advice/input. I’ve been considering a new epilator for quite some time. I’ve surveyed several electrologists in my state, and can’t seem to find anyone with the newer computerized/digital epilators. I see that the majority here seem to prefer Apilus and Silhouet Tone. Can you be more specific and say what models you prefer. I’ve contacted both manufacturers asking for brochures, etc., and have not received a reply from either. Both Prestige and TES catalogs show 2 ST and only one Apilus, the Cleo model, and I’m not sure from what I’ve read online that Cleo does microflash. TIA

Apilus Platinum
Apilus SX-500
Apilus Senior 2
Silhouet-Tone VMC
Fischer CBX
Fischer SA-5a
Fischer SA-5