Shopping for laser hair removal

I have finally decided that after 25 years of constant hair removal I am ready for laser. This forum has been instrumental in helping me make this decision–so thanks so much! I am of middle eastern descent–olive skinned with dark coarse curly hair covering much of my body. I think that I am between a type III and IV. My first appointment was with a very fancy clinic in Denver where they have many different types of lasers. The doctor recommended a YAG laser for me and quoted very high prices! $600 for the first session on underarms and bikini then $300 for the next treatment, $150 for the next and $75 after. I did a test patch on my ankle and 40 joules felt like nothing. Another woman that I spoke to who does it out of her home uses a lightsheer and she felt that would be effective as well. Her prices are much better. How does one determine the right laser when each tech is trying to sell you on theirs?

Can I ask where you went? I’m also in the Denver area and looking for a good place to go for LHR.

get a patch test with LightSheer as well if you want and see how high of a setting your skin can handle. If you can’t do 30 joules or higher, I would stick with the Yag. Plus, this clinic is a laser training center as well as you said on another forum. At least for your money, you know you will get the best treatment and hopefully faster results.

The three places in Denver that have the yag laser and seem to be reputable are:Rocky Mountain Laser Clinic in Cherry Creek–Lorenzo Kunze is the doctor there and he is seen as the laser guru in Denver. They have many different kinds of lasers and have a huge business. He recommended the yag for my legs,underarms, and bikini and thought that I would have good results. He recommended and alexandrite for my face but stressed that it would only help the darker thick hairs on my face and not the million blonde ones. Today I went to Dr. Jerry Popham’s office near downtown. They also have a yag laser called the sciton clearscan. The technician did a test patch and this seemed like the cadillac of lasers! Their prices were also quite high–$800 for my first four treatments on legs, bikini and underam and $600 for each treatment after. I must stress that I am extremely hairy! The technician also said to expect at least 12 treatments and about a 60-70% reduction in growth. She did not recommend doing my face. The third clinic that I will be looking into is Dr. Eubanks at Harvard Park dermatology near Porter Hospital–he came recommended by another laser tech who doesn’t have a yag and the tech at Dr. Popham’s office. I will keep you posted on my choices–la girl thanks so much for your terrific advice and insights!

you’re welcome. glad to help out.

legs are usually expensive since it covers a large area. both lower and upper legs together can range $350-700 per treatment. so, considering that the first quote you listed was for just bikini and underarms, this is not that expensive relative to that quote. Bikini ranges $100-200 and Underarms $50-150 per treatment just to give you an idea so you can do your calculations. These prices are if there is no decrease in price with every treatment. How many treatments did the experts at Rocky Mountain say you would need? 12 that these are saying seems like a lot. Hopefully, you won’t need more than 8 or so. Bikini and underarms usually don’t require more than 5 or 6 tops since hair is coarse.

Rocky mountain recommended 4 treatments 4 weeks apart then one after 3 months another after 6 more months and then as needed after that. They did not give any type of limit on the number of treatments needed. What I liked about both of these clinics was the honesty–they know that they can help me reduce the forest but are helping me be realistic about the end results. What has been most disappointing is that neither has been hopeful about my face- though the technician at the derm’s office today said she would treat some of the facial areas with the thickest black hair for free when I came in for the other areas.