Shocks felt in legs during treatment

Hello! This is my first post here and I’d like to thank everyone for sharing all this wonderful information.

I am on my third treatment for facial hair removal and for the first time today I felt shocks in my legs and toes consistently during treatment. The practitioner adjusted the voltage and checked the ground but nothing helped. I am feeling a sense of being burned almost in a couple of fingertips almost an hour and a half after the session. I wasn’t wearing any metal jewelry and I have no metal in my body.

Any ideas? I want to be able to tell my practitioner what to check and she had no idea what the issue could be. She is using a galvanic blend treatment, apparently.

Thank you!

Hello, I hope your leg and feet is feeling better.
I was thinking about your post…

Electricity travel the shortest path. So when I do blend or automatic mode, I put a flat electrode where most convenient and the closest to the area to be treated.
(For example, I usually put it under shoulder.)
It is really strange to think the electricity travel all the way to feet when you are getting your face treated. Especially the area is property treated, which means electricity is where should be. So I don’t think it is electricity (machine) problem. (I could be wrong…)

Since it is in your leg and feet, maybe Sciatic nerve?
Have you had backache or tightness in sciatic before?
Maybe you may want to move around (change positions) a little or ask her to put a pillow under the knees to release any pressure from your lower back?

I could be totally off, but bending your knees may help.
I actually have a couple clients who prefer not to lay flat for their back.

I hope you feel better and it will be OK next time.
Take care!