Hi everyone,
I had laser hair removal about 10 days ago on my underarms and full pubic region. I am skin type II and they used the Candela Gentlease. I would not say I have shed anything, rather, the hair seems stuck in a stubble phase. My underarms actually have some length to the hair. I can’t really tell if it has been reduced. When I had they treatment, it was not painless and I could smell the hair burning so I would think that the treatment worked but it really does not seem to be shedding. Should I call the clinic or give it more time? I have been exfoliating and have tried pulling at the hair but it seems quite rooted.

I would wait and if hair hasn’t t shed by week three, call them for another shoot. Those hairs should burn off in the next treatment.

It’s a bit too early for shedding yet.

Some people don’t shed and have these ‘pepper spots’ until their next treatment.

Were the areas not shaved before treatment?

Keep exfoliating. You should be doing it on dry skin with a mitt. After showering, moisturise the areas well - it sounds strange but this helps just as much as the exfoliation.

Yes, I was totally shaved. They advised me to do so. So it is too early to shed? I thought you were supposed to start shedding at the week mark

for me, shedding sped up between 1.5 week and 2.5 week after the treatment. you may shed some hairs before or after that period, but the massive shedding occurs between that time frame I believe.

After a week I have went at the area with a tweezer and would see what would come out without any effort. Most of the under arm and bikini sides came out easily enough. I hope that is ok to do? For large areas i still don’t have a technique that works though another poster has suggested duct tape.