Shedding/stubble question

Male, 39, light skin, dark hair. Got alexandrite laser on back/shoulders/neck. Felt wonderful the night of treatment…first time sleeping without a t-shirt on since high school! I felt so liberated!!!

Well the next day and now into day 7 post treatment, the stubble is almost painful when laying down or sitting (back against chair).

I know (thanks to reading this forum) that it takes 1-3 weeks for sheding, but has any other guy had this issue or could it be they didn’t use enought “juice” and the hair is re-growing instead of pushing out to shed?

If you had this discomfort, what did you do?


You could try a loofah to coax out stubborn hairs. If you are feeling that much stubble, it could be that you have a lot of singed hairs. That could be a good sign for you.

Did any of the hairs fly out of the follicles during treatment? Could you smell any burning hair? If yes, those are good signs.

One of the nice things about the alexandrite is that the hair will shed more quickly than with a YAG or diode laser.


agree, stubbly feel is usually a good thing. that usually means the treatment was good and all that hair should shed.

Awesome replies, thanks!

Yes there was the gross smell. I’ll update after week 2 has passed…hoping by then to start shedding or finish.