Shedding after LHR - Soprano XL

I just had my first LHR a couple of weeks ago with the Soprano XL SHR. I am a type 2 skin and black hair in the underarms and bikini. I had both areas treated.
The technician told me she was going to start with the max setting for the Soprano and if it is unbearable she will turn it down a bit. As far as I know the max setting was used for the whole shebang.
The treatment of the underarms was painless, just a discomfort. The bikini (I had a brazilian) was done in two sections. The upper section was ok as well. The lower section was painful. I took two Advils and one valium prior to the treatment because I knew it was going to hurt. The cliniq warned me. Both areas felt slightly sensitive but were not red or something. They also forbid me from using any numbing creams prior to the treatment. They said this can not be done with the Soprano. I think they are very cautious not to burn the patient. And pain is a good indicator for burns.

I saw some shedding about 3 days after the treatment. Two weeks after the treatment, there is still hair in the underarm area but it has barely any resistance. The upper part of the bikini still has a lot of hair with some resistance. I think that 80% are gone. The lower part that hurt the most has about 50% of the hair left, and this hair has a lot of resistance. I hope this week will make the difference.

I only bought 5 treatment for the brazilian bikini and one treatment for the underarms as I prefer not to be bound to a specific office. They only have the Soprano XL and the Aria which is a kind of IPL as far as I know.

I also purchased a package of 10 treatments of ELOS IPL for the underarms. I did this only because it was about US$40 for the whole package.It was bought through a coupon site Groupon style.

The office with the soprano is the only one in my area which has a diode laser. All the others are using IPL.
There is an additional office I could go to, but it will limit me quite a bit. I will have to take time off work for that.

  1. What kind of hair/skin type is the Elos/Syneron suitable for? I just want to do the underarms. I have dark coarse hair and very light skin.

  2. What does that hair that didn’t shed say? I am quite sure the tech did not miss any spot. Believe me I felt it. This marketing strategy of this machine being painless is bullcrap. It is bearable but no way painless. Should I ask them for a retouch?

  3. The office asked me to schedule the treatments 6 weeks apart. Do you think 8-10 weeks for the second treatment would be more effective?

  4. I have blond hair on the upper lip. Can Alex deal with such fine blond hair? Do I risk burning my skin with the Alex?

Thank you.

Please read the FAQ. All laser systems share the same requirement: coarse, dark hair.

Shedding usually begins 7-10 days after treatment, and continues for a few weeks. You can’t tell what was missed until 3-4 weeks. At this point, you should go in for a touch up if need be.

6 weeks is too early for those areas. Yes, we recommend 8-10 weeks. You don’t have to abide by their scheduling. Just call and schedule when it’s convenient for you. They can’t force you to come in at those intervals.

Laser only works on dark, coarse hair. This area will need electrolysis.

Elos is sort of a gimmick. Have you read the FAQs? There are much better machines out there.