I had lhr one week ago on my legs and they’re looking pretty good. I pulled out a few hairs and they just fell out. I won’t be pulling any more out so they shed on their own. I want to wait the 3 weeks to see how much I shed but I also want to wear shorts in the mean time. They’re not bad but they’re getting prickly. Is it ok to shave before I shed? Will I still be able to tell how much I shed or should I wait it out?

Thanks guys you’re the best

You’re welcome.

But yes, you can shave. It may increase shedding time a little bit just because when hair is longer, it can rub against your clothes and get pulled out that way, but you’re allowed to shave. What you may notice is that it’ll feel smooth but look as if it’s prickly after you shave, but that’s normal