I always read to “shave with the grain not against it.” I’m a 27 year old male with very fair skin, and a dark, coarse beard, if I only shave with the grain, you can’t tell that I shaved at all. But, I also have very sensitive skin and when I shave against the grain I cut myself and break out. My beard grows very fast - I pretty much always have a 5 o’clock shadow. Any suggestions to methods and or products I should try (shaving creams, razors, etc.)? If I continue to shave only with the grain, will my face get “used” to that and will I eventually get a closer shave from that method? I’ve been in search for the perfect shaving method/routine for years and have yet to find it. I’d grow a beard, but that’s not an option. I currently use a Mach 3 razor - doesn’t work great, but the best I’ve found so far (my face is pretty sensitive to everything). Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thanks!


IMHO, shaving with the grain when using a blade is abosolutely useless. You would be better off using an electric. A good electric like the Braun Synchro would give a closer shave than shaving in the direction of hair growth with a blade.

My recommendation is to try the new Mach 3 Turbo. It is noticeably better than the original Mach 3. The blades are thinner so there is less friction. You should also try different shaving creams or gels. I would recommend trying the Edge Pro Gel, Tough Beard formula. A thin layer of King of Shaves Alpha Shaving oil before applying the Edge may help too.

Shaving a heavy beard is a PITA. I work out with weights and am a body shaver. I can shave my legs in less time than it takes to shave my beard.

I have had laser hair removal on my back, chest and arms with great success. I was thinking of having my beard done next year. Because my beard is so dense I’ll bet it’s going to hurt like hell! I can take it though.