Shaving your Head


I’m a police officer and I find that having a shaved clean head works in my favor, and everyone says it looks good on me. Anyone else out there do this? I’m looking for better ways to “temporarily” remove the hair than shaving. Razors irritate the skin on my head not to mention its a pain to get all the hair off.

I’d have to be drunk to use nair on my head, but are there possibly and products out there for men and their heads. I wish there was a cream I could put on and it would take the hair off with NO burning or redness, and ideas?


A guy at work shaves his head.

He’s only in his mid 20’s, but he’s lost so much.
It looks really great on him!!

(And he’s used hair removal cream on it!! It’s Immac over here - I think the same thing in the US is called Nair?)



As long as you are still shaving, I think I saw something in the store the other day that might make the job easier. It’s called something witty like “Head Shaver” or something and it’s a double blade mounted in a ring-like handle that you slip over your finger like a ring, facing your palm. Then you shave by running your hand over your scalp - seems very easy and clever, actually. Don’t know how it works in real life, or if the blades are replaceable. But still, it might be something to look for.

It also looks like it might be handy for shaving other areas of the body that are hard to get to with the typical “blade-on-a-handle.”

I’ll try to get the exact particulars next time I’m at that store (if I can remember which one it was! :wink: ) and report back to the group.


ya a cream would be the best, I can lice with the razors now but id like to have something simpler.


If you use a blade, you need to try the Mach3 Turbo. No other blade is even close (pun intended).

Also try Edge Pro Gel, Tough Beard Formula.



For all you baldies out there, I recommend this great site by a fellow consumer activist: site

Almost makes me want to shave my head (although then I’d look like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens).


I use a great product for my under arms (little bit different I know!) but I am very sensitive and this stuff is called King of shaves woman, (sorry :confused: )blu express shaving spritz. It is an oil that contains : vit E tea tree oil, allantoin and chamomile it gets a really close shave and leaves skin silky smooth (you can also spay it on to you razor if you are ultra sensitive)


Thanks for the tip, Beauty therapist! :smile:

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You can buy King of Shaves shaving oil at Super Target.

I like to mix it with Edge Pro Gel for Tough Beards.

Moore Unique Hydroglide Shave Solution works well too. It is a spray that contains propylene glycol and aloe. It works very well with the Edge Pro Gel also. It can be found at some Walgreens.



RJC2001, the only one of those I’ve tried is the Edge. I’ll have to get out there and give some of those a shot! Thanks for the tips as always!


Well, I finally went back to the store and found the head shaving razor - it’s called The HeadBlade and you can see it at

This is NOT an endorsement as I have never used it but it sure looks cool! :relaxed:

It also looks like it might make shaving other hard-to-reach areas a lot easier, too. The web site also advertises some head shaving cream.


Thanks for the info, Patrick!


've been shaving my head for slightly more than 1 year now. I started out using both Braun (Syncro & Integral) side by side, with the less expensive Integral doing a much better job on my tough hair (I got my money back on the Syncro). I had never been able to shave my face with a blade because of the razor burn. On special occasions, I found that shaving with the Braun electric before my shower, a few quick swipes with a Mach III gave a nice look. As time went by, I tried shaving in the shower with the Mach IIIs only, to save time. I cannot shave my head with a blade, with more than 24 hours growth or it tears me up. I also only get 1 shave from each new blade, anymore, it tears me up. If I keep up with it, it only adds about 5 minutes to my shower, with very good results.

If you find a better way, Please let me know. For now, I figure the “look” is worth the added time & money.

With that being said, I am now looking into Laser/IPL removal. With the cost of Mach IIIs, one everyday, I figure it would pay for itself in a few short years.



Actually, what you’re doing now is the best methods. Blades don’t work well at all with more than a day’s growth. That’s asking for trouble. The older Flex Integral did seem to do a very good job too.

Try using the Edge Pro Gel for tough beards formula. Better than any other store bought shaving gel. Air Shave, made by Tend Skin is very good too but very expensive at$16 a bottle.