Shaving underarms and general hair removal effectiveness issues

underarms have always been my issue. i’m always limited with my choice of clothing because of the not so smooth look of my underarms. i only either shave or tweeze my underarms. i tried waxing, but it burned them badly that they were dark for weeks. never did waxing again. i dont know how most average women (at least my colleagues at work) make their underarms look so smooth as if they’ve never had underarm hair. they could wear sleeveless clothing anytime they want.

any advice?

You did not include your location, so no specific practitioner recommendation is available.

If you can find a good electrolysis provider near you, one can have two totally bare underarms in one treatment, and then keep them looking finished with reclearances once every 3 to 6 weeks. You will look like you are finished, even as you continue to work on it.

Some would say that if you have dark hair and light skin, you could try LASER first, but I would not recommend it.