Shaving Razors for back hair

For years I have used a hair clipping electric razor to remove back hair. The process works well with one major exception. Given the length of the razors and the angles one must attain to remove all back hair it is next to impossible to reach all areas. Is there an electric razor that works best for this? Is there any other razor process that will work? Thanks

The Braun Synchro 7526 is the best electric IMHO but you will not be able to reach all areas of your back without help from someone else.

You might want to try an electric with an angled head like the Grundig Roltronic Pro or Avante Garde. You can see them on It does not shave as close as the Braun but it does an acceptable job and can reach more areas.

You still will need to use clippers to get the hair short enough for the Grundig to shave them. You can reach more difficult areas with the clippers by using hose clamps to secure the clippers to two metal tubes, one long and one short tube (or wooden dowels) joined at a 135 degree angle. Join two hose clamps together. One goes on the short tube and the other on the clippers. It may sound complicated but it is simple and effective.

Hope this helps.