Shaving questions

I had my second laser treatment this week. I shaved one day before I went (I had thought this was okay) but when i got there the tech told me that I need to have much more visible growh for treatment and that I had to come back in 2 weeks instead of 6. How many days of growth do I need before I go?

And my second question, after the laser the hair gets very dark and stubbly. Am I allowed to shave that before it sheds and if I shave it how do I know that it is shedding?


Jilly, I would ask the tech what type of laser and the settings they are using. If it’s a good reputable place, they ought not be evasive about this information. If this is a true laser, the request to have several days of growth is not logical. A laser targets dark pigment, so you actually WANT to shave beforehand so that the energy is focused on the root, it’s the root you want killed!

I have had two Diode laser treatments so far, spaced 6 weeks apart, on my chin and upper lip. The pattern has been that the hair starts to shed about 9 days post treatment. I notice the shedding even though I continue to shave the area mostly by tugging on these hairs with a tweezers. If they resist, I leave them alone, but usually they slide right out. I also use an exfoliating cream to help the process along–once any soreness has subsided.

It sounds like you have not experienced any shedding at all, which you should have had some even after the first treatment. I would definately start quizzing your tech before you spend another dime.

Actually, I shave about 2 days before treatment on bikini and 3-4 on abdomen. If you have the type of hair and skin combo where you can’t see the hair at all after it’s shaved, it is hard for the tech to target the exact area where your hair is since he can’t see it at all. The best thing for you to do is to shave in such a way that once you go in for your treatment, there is the least stubble possible while still being able to see where the hair that needs to be killed is.

Shedding takes 2-3 weeks for most people. Most start shedding sometime at week 2 and it can last up to 3.5 weeks or so until everything has shed. You ARE allowed to shave during the shedding process, but that can slow down the shedding just a bit. To speed things up you can exfoliate and scrub very gently in the shower with a loofa if the skin is not irritated to help it. You will be able to tell when shedding is occuring by gently tugging on the hair that seems to be growing in. Sometime in week 2 or so some of the hairs will start to slide out when you do that without any resistance.

Thanks guys for answering so quickly.

I’ve only had two sessions (and just the two at that) so I think I might just be nervous that its not working.

thanks again!

the way you see if it’s working is if the area is clear by 3.5-4 weeks after the treatment. that means the hair has shed and there is nothing there for a few weeks until new growth comes in. eventually, you kill all hair in all cycles, and new growth stops coming in.