Shaving peach fuzz off ears and other difficult areas

Hi! I’ve noticed over the last year that the peach fuzz on my ears is getting worse and I’ve also developed a few black hairs that I pluck out. Anybody else here with this experience??? I’m worried that if I wax them, they might come back darker–again, anbody who’s been there and done that?

Moving on to other areas: what methods do you use to get rid of finger and toe hairs–I usually use the M3 power but often end up scraping my fingers and toes which end up bleeding for awhile and then are uncomfortable when wearing shoes. Are there any trimmers for these areas?

How about getting rid of those annoying nose hairs? I pluck them out when they get to long but it hurts like hell! Are there any decent and not too expensive nose hair trimmers?

Since I’ve lost my chest and ab hair, it seems like my ear and nose hair have grown rampant LOL! I even had some electrolysis on my nose! I use the Micro Touch personal trimmer to get the long hairs and finish up with my Braun Acitivator foil. Don’t bring a blade anywhere near your ears as they will bleed like crazy! Don’t ask me how I know this.

Fortunately, I don’t have much hair on my feet! The Activator works very well for the little bit that I have. Using a blade there is risky, very easy to cut oneself. I use the Activator on my fingers too.

For nose hair, there are blunt nose scissors just for that purpose. But still be careful, as you can still cut yourself and nosebleeds are no fun. The Panasonic rotary nose hair trimmers they have at Sharper Image work very well. There are some cheaper ones made by Remington that also work very well ($10).


RJC, thanks for the tips! I’ll have to check the local stores to see if they stock these products. I don’t know if the hair on your nose has really gone crazy since all your treatments–maybe, you’ve just become more aware of hair in all this other places. I know that’s true for me–I keep discovering unwanted hair in strange places. I think once you start body shaving, you just become more aware or “obssessed” with body hair–LOL!!! Apart from the hair on my head and eyebrows (which I really like), I’d be happy with getting rid of the rest.

Ahem, I forgot one “difficult” area in the last post–is it safe to use the Acitvator for shaving “down under”? I tried using a regular blade there but it was very slow going for obvious reasons and I was a bit paranoid shaving there. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

I recently went to the dermatologist because I had some problems skin problems on my feet and I had quite a few scratches and cuts from the last shave there–it looked pretty bad and I wonder what my doctor was thinking! ROTFL! Kinda looked like I had run through a rose bush–I think that I’ll go back to plucking them out to avoid future cuts and the itching!

I’ve been looking for the Micro Trimmer but haven’t found anything like it yet. A beard or a hair trimmer looks a little bit too big and dangerous for the ears–I remember what you said about your ears! I’m still looking for a good nose hair trimmer.

I’ve thought about waxing the ears but after reading a lot of posts, it seems like waxing can lead to coarser and darker hairs and I definitely DON’T want to risk getting black hairs on my ears!


My beard grows up onto my earlobes as well! I tried shaving but cuts are hard to avoid (with practice its not so bad). However, I’ve now settled on just plucking those hairs from the ears (top, lobes, edges, and a bit inside). It get rather easy over time.

For the nose, you need a trimmer designed for it. They are cheap and very good – I never get a knick. However, they do leave stubble.

For the groin, just search the site for ideas. There are many recommendations for sensitive skin. For price, shaving or depilitories are the norm; it really does get easier if you do it regularly!

Hi Tex!

Thanks for the advice. I’ve plucked some of the darker hairs on my ears at various times but after reading the “waxing arms” thread, it seems that tweezing or waxing hairs out of any region other than the eyebrows often results in darker and coarser hairs coming back. I’ve got light colored peach fuzz (for the most part) and don’t want to risk getting darker and coarser hairs there. What’s your experience been like?

I did some plucking on my upper arms where I basically had “baby hair” and unfortunately, a few thick black hairs came back in some places. I’ve since stopped plucking hairs off my arms and have returned to shaving only which is supposed to be safe! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I only pluck the dark hair on the ears, so I don’t care much if it comes back (I expect that) a bit coarser (oh well). Someday, I will start electrolysis (after laser is done) and I suppose I’ll attack those (few?) hairs then. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Has anybody found a satisfactory method for shaving the back of their upper thighs, knees and their backside???

I have a wall mirror but there are some “blind spots” which make it nearly impossible to see what I’m shaving. I’ve also tried lying on the bed and putting my legs up in the air to get a better angle but it’s not very comfortable and mostly a shot in the dark!

Any tips or advice would be great!