Shaving is sensual

OK, I have to ask, does anyone else (man or women) feel shaving your body is kind of sensual? If you think about it, it is a pretty intimate activity, you are running your hands over your body, carefully shaving your skin of your legs, pits, genitals, etc. Especially after a good workout, I love to shave, actually, as I can look closely at how the muscles are coming along, and feel them nicely pumped up from lifting. As part of shaving, you probably run your fingers over your skin to see if it is smooth, if you missed spotes, etc. Plus, I love the smooth feel just after shaving, the skin feels so nice and soft. And, you look so nice as well, especially after a workout. I hope this doestn’ sound perverted, but I really enjoy doing it. And, while I haven’t shaved someone else, I think that would be extremely sexy. I am totally straight, by the way. My wife doesn’t care for men shaving, so we’ve never done it together, but we’re getting divorced (not related to this issue at all, lol), so perhaps I will get the chance.

OK, I have to ask, does anyone else (man or women) feel shaving your body is kind of sensual?
For me, I don’t feel anything honestly. But this is just me.

Ants: I get a sensual feeling when the hair is removed from the chest or underarm areas. I dont get that feeling when the hair on my back is removed.

To me, legs are the most sensual, and armpits. Legs the most, though, especially if you have a seat in the shower to rest your foot on, so can easily shave the lower leg while running your other hand over the skin to be sure it is smooth. Best, of course, is after a good leg workout with weights. I think to shave a partner’s armpits would be sexy, but not your own as much. Also, to shave your partners legs would be wonderfully sensual, you could take it nice and slow as your worked your way from lower to upper leg.

I don’t find the process of shaving that sensual, but I do find the results to be. I find the chest area to feel the most sensual, followed by the armpits then the legs.

If I blade shave in the shower after working out, my muscles feel more pumped than if I didn’t shave.

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Once you go smooth, there’s no going back!


Hi Veinlover

For me the most sensual feeling was always a cool breeze blowing over my legs after I started shaving them permanently. I notice it less now that I have shaved for some years, but initially it felt great.


I’ve said this elsewhere, but the MOST sensual experienced I had from shaving was the first time I went swimming after shaving under my arms, and experienced the cool water against my naked underarms for the first time in 20 years, and it felt so cool and wonderful, like they were being caressed. I also initially enjoyed the feeling of cool sheets against freshly shaved legs, but alas, that too, is less intense now than it was, though I do love the feeling my smooth legs against a woman’s, yummy. And, I love having my smooth underarms touched and kissed.

Hi Veinlover!

Just discovered this board and I definitely agree that shaving the pits is very sensual! I had the chance to do this with my last girlfriend and it really is erotic! I guess that’s one good reason not to get electrolysis on the pits! LOL!!!

I get a bit of tingle from doing my legs but nothing compares to the pits!


I’m surprised more people haven’t commented on this. Pits are very sensual, there are tons of nerves in there, and a huge supply of blood vessels, which is why they are warm. It is lovely if someone else shaves you there, and even shaving yourself feels sensual as the razor slides over the skin. One reason I shave my pits is I love being kissed there, and no one will kiss hairy pits. Pit hair just looks “smelly” even if it is clean. Plus, pits are a beautiful part of the body, just look at women’s fashion pics, they all show a woman’s smooth pits.If men have muscular lats, as I do, it looks great when they are smooth. I used to find leg shaving sensual, also, though it is less so as I do it longer. I think smooth legs are sensual, though, and I love having them touched when they are silky smooth. And, again, who wants to kiss hairy legs?

hmm i never thought of shaving as “sensual”… i do, however, think that a guy waxing a girl is amazingly sexy, and so does my bf (i’m a girl btw)… we haven’t tried it, though, because although i think it’s sexy, i still feel kinda weird being hairy down there around my bf… i dunno, it’s kinda like i think he might think it’s sexy now but if he actually feels/sees the hair he’ll get grossed out and just go on with it for my pleasure-- so i always refuse… but apparently a lot of guys like it, so hey, maybe i’ll go for it next time he suggests so! lol

Yes, give it a try! I don’t think your bf would be grossed out by your hair and you two might want to take turns waxing each other. I had an Austrian gf who never shaved her pits and it wasn’t an issue with me–actually, a lot of women in Germany and Austria don’t shave their pits and in a way I thought it was sexy.

I really agree with Veinlover about the pits being the most sensual–I guess it’s because of all the nerve endings there and blood circulating there. I was lucky enough to take turns shaving pits with my Polish gf. It really is a sensual experience for a couple-just be careful not to cut each other though, lol!!!