Shaving in the direction of the Hair

People often suggest this to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation. Unfortunately, when I try this, it doesn’t remove the hair.

Is it just me?

All it does is shave the hair really short and close, its difficult to get it clean going with the grain. I bought a really good buzzer that shaves hair real short.

I am not a big fan of shaving with a blade in the direction of hair growth. You will get better results with a good electric.

If you still want to shave with a blade and have trouble with irritation make sure you are using a good blade like Venus, Mach3 or Mach3 Turbo. Also use a good gel or lotion. Some good ones to try are Moore’s Unique Hydroglide, Edge Pro Gel for Tough Beards, and Trubo shave. My favorite is combining the Edge Pro Gel and the Moore Unique Hydroglide.