Shaving face before laser

I have had laser hair removal on my bikini area and its going well. However now I am considering it for my upper lip but am skeptical about shaving. How does it grow back between treatments? Is it noticable?

Hi jjamas
I have had my upper lip done twice now.

I have shaved my upper lip for years and years now, so my expereince may be a bit different than yours.

After the first treatment, I didn’t notice much difference in hair amount. I had to continue to shave as usual. Much of my hair is dark, but fine. I have a few coarse hairs at the sides of my upper lip and they are mostly gone after the second treatment. I look very closely at my lip after I shave and I don’t think any hair is visible at all, not even to me.

I had no problem with this area, it was barely noticeable that I had a treatment done. Minor redness, then I just continued to shave as usual. After the 2nd treatment, quite a bit of the hair is gone, but I still have some fine, dark hairs growing in. I just shave these as normal and they are not noticeable.

What are you currently doing/using to hide your upper lip hair?

Good luck!