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hi everyone, i found this site and found it really helpful and resourceful. i really thank the people who put it together. i even took a recomendation and bought the braun 7526 foil shaver because of the overall endorsement people gave it. thats not my problem, its worked really good.
ive been shaving all over my body now for almost 2 years now. i dont mean to brag but i have a decent body i work out, and i like the overall appearance of it when i first shave my body. but thats where it ends. i have coarse body hair so i can imagine the rate in which it grows at. in about 24 hours if you ran you hand down my chest or legs you may need some stiches. and if it wasnt for failing the touch test i would get the same stubborn razor bumps just under my belly button and at the sternum of my chest.
i would usually shave towards the weekend and just leave the stubble for during the week. the stubble is just so unsightly. it just became so ponderous to shave everyday not to mention painful with the irritation.
i would have probably had a different opinion if the shaving would have kept me smooth for longer than a 24 hour period, but i guess i cant change nature. im a college student so i cant afford the laser option that is pretty popular here. maybe once i finish school and find a steady job i could. but for now ive given up the battle for a later date.

Shaving every day or even every other day, your skin will adapt and you should have fewer razor bumps. Also the electric, especially the Braun 7526 should result in less irritation.

If you shave every day it will take less time per day to rather than just once a week. Lesser ingrowns too in my experience.

Ultimately though laser is tha answer to your problems. Even after one or two treatments you would notice an improvement.

Also try Tend Skin for razor bumps and ingrowns.


Considering the time and cost you are currently committing to the shaving routine, I would suggest you try waxing. It will give you a longer period without stubble, and the hair does grow back softer because of the way the ends are shaped - I am not saying the hair grows back finer, or is reduced, it is just a better sensation than razor stubble…

You may be pleased with the results of waxing, and all that extra time you have (from not having to shave) can be spent working and saving for LASER or electrolysis… :wink:

Good luck


I agree with the previous post, but with a warning: waxing may be too painful for you. It sounds as though you have very thick body hair and waxing may actually cause more problems than it solves.

My suggestion, if you decide to wax, is to test several areas on you body. You can buy a wax strip kit from you local drug store and use several strips on your chest, stomach, and legs. Then you’ll be able to gage the level of pain and also the amount and duration of irratation involved.

If I were you, I would just keep the hair trimmed until I could afford laser. You’re right when you say it is too much work to keep it shaved.

i have tried some home waxing products, but they did absolutely nothing. i followed instructions but they didnt take off any hair, just left pain. i have read posts however than professional waxing makes a world of difference. i may try waxing before i try laser to see if its a practical option. i dont know if this has anything to do with epilation, but i tried tweezing a small patch and compare it to the parts that i shave. i obviously found that it lasted days longer but the ingrown hairs came back with a vengence. after tweezing them back up it looked like a had chicken pox in that area.

I am certainly talking about professional waxing… it is hard enough to get the technique right for waxing easily accessible parts, let alone hard to reach parts…

If you have tried to wax yourself, then you will certainly be discouraged and think waxing is not for you…

The first time you get waxed will be a bit more painful, but subsequent waxing will be much less so… The pain from waxing is just momentary…

I strongly suggest a professional wax job and make sure you exfoliate daily for the next couple of weeks to help avoid any ingrowns…



whats up Mike…

You sound exactly like me, very proud of your body but self conscious about the hair. Its a real pain to say the least. I’ve given up shaving my chest, I just keep it trimmed. Either way I’m not happy, though. Its sharp to the touch and it looks good from a distance or in a dimly lit room, but otherwise it looks, well, trimmed.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Laser is the ONLY option, but like many of us here, I cannot come close to affording it. If I could at least get the hair reduced by 50% i would be happy and FIND some way to afford it.

Good luck to you.

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yeah i know what you mean adman. you stand far enough from a mirror and you think hey, looks pretty good. only thing is try running your hands or your girlfriends hands against the directon of hair growth, not a pleasant thing to do. ive pretty much given up im just let my body hair grow back. ill have to learn to accept that im a human brillo pad, haha.
although how in the world do the guys on the cover of mens health get it right. im like hey no ingrown hairs, no visible irration how the hell do they do it?? i wonder
one last point to ponder, if they could only harness the power of what dht does in male balding and apply it to unwanted body hair. that would solve all our problems.

About how much is the Braun 7526 foil shaver, and where is a good site on the net to check it out? Thanks.

The 7526 runs between $119-139 at discount stores like Wal-Mart. That price includes the self cleaning module. The shaver can be purchased without the self-cleaning module, as the model 7505, for about $99. It’s worth it to pay the extra and get the self-cleaning module.

You can see the synchro on Braun’s web site,