Shaving Creams


Obviously, the difference between various brands of razor blades is very apparent.

But anyone ever notice the difference between different brands of shaving cream? My take is that the women’s brands generally cost more for coming scented in pink and purple cans. Is there actually a functional difference? Or is it merely psychological (“if I shave my legs, I am feminine and therefore must use womens shaving cream”).

Do these women’s shaving cream/gel/foam products actually “moisturize with vitamins” and all that cheesy sounding stuff? (The men’s brands can have similar catch phrases too).

I am actually quite skeptic myself (believing they’re very similar), and would like a good comparison between men’s and women’s brands of shaving creams/gels.


I’ve used several different brands, from Barbasol to Edge Gel. Functionally, they all seem to work the same. I go for the product that has the best price.


I too have used many different brands (depending on what was on sale at the time) and haven’t noticed much difference between them other than scent or color. I generally end up using a “men’s” shaving cream, because I just can’t bring myself to pay more for a “ladies” brand.


I tried the Skintimate shave gel.and the bathroom smelled like raspberries for the next two days! NOt a bad smell though. I think the Edge Pro Gel works better.