Shaving Chest

I have shaved my chest once and I had a problem.
A week after it,the hair grew again and it seems that I have more hair now than before I shaved.
Plz gimme some advices to shave my chest,I love it shaved and the girls too!!!

i am having a problem with this too, i am only 15 and have thick dark hair all over my chest and stomach, its very difficult to shave without getting cuts, bumps, burn, etc., as the hair grows in different directions… is there any electric shaver or something that will be able to eliminate this hair without damaging the skin??? the psychological pain caused by this hair is simply inutterable, please help! !

Just from what I’ve experienced, chest hair is a real challenge to deal with. There’s no easy way around it. I always thought the legs and face were the fastest growth areas to be concerned with, but the stomach grows very fast. I, like most guys here, used to shave this area, but the stubble sucks. When going to epilation, I never even imagined how painful it would be to epilate this area. It is by far, one of the most painful areas to first-time epilate. It was the last of my ‘wild frontier’, the heart of the dark amazon jungle of hair. Epilating the upper stomach and pecs is something of a ‘right of passage’ to be a true Epilator guy. I fully respect other guys who have done this too. Even now, if I neglect this area too long, it causes more relative pain than any other area. But of coarse, it’s a lot easier now that I’ve done it a hundred times. Chest/ stomach hair is also pretty dense in terms of follicals, I had no idea I’d be dealing with this before I started all this. i’m actually considering electrolysis on my chest and back, and using an epilator on the rest. It would be nice to permanently cut this growth down to get it on the level as other areas. My suggestion if you want to use an epilator on the chest/pecs area to solve this problem: Go buy a big bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, or White Port wine, drink most of it, stumble into the bathroom, yell “Let the battle begin!” And do what you gotta do!

Before I resorted to laser treatments, which have been very successful, I tried just about every shaver available. IMHO, the best electric is the Braun Activator 8585, followed very closely by the Braun Synchro 75XX series. The Braun is bulletproof, the foil lasts a long time and gives a very close shave.The best blades are any of the Gillette Mach 3 razors, the Mach3, the Mach3 Turbo, and the M3 Power. The M3 power results in the least irritation for a blade shaver. The blade shaves the closest but the Braun isn’t far behind.RJC2001