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Got the following note late last year. No endorsement or warranty implied, just for your information.

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Dear Andrea:

Congratulations on such a great site and what you are doing to keep consumers informed. I tried to get into your forum and experienced some problems. I am going to answer your questions however I want to tell you this information.

I am a biochemist with a Ph.D. and also many years of pharmaceutical and clinical research at the National Institutes of Health and elsewhere. In additional to all of this formal professional activity, I have been studying shaving as a personal project for more than 50 years. This is because I am an African-American and I have always had a severe shaving problem. As you probably know, very little is known about shaving disorders like PFB and others that I have studied. Unfortunately I found that most of the prevailing products, advertising in the industry and even information in the pharmaceutical texts is not correct and within the text contradicts its self. I had excellent faces to study, primarily my own and my friends. These studies led to some extremely interesting findings and the discovery of many interesting items in the course of solving shaving problems. I am in the process of completing several manuscripts on shaving which contain information similar to that on your site.

My studies are somewhat different from yours in that they are far more technical and clinical because I classify and describe shaving disorders that make 85% of men to hate to shave. I am also going commercial with things because the shaving industry has only been interested in selling totally unacceptable products primarily because they have a captive market. I determined the basic types of hair and how it grows. From this and the various ways of shaving I was able to associated various conditions to the types of hair. Close shaving is really a medical procedure and should be done with that in mind. In fact, the US military told me that in the 1980s and even now shaving is there greatest medical problem. I made inroads in solving it. There is much that I can share with you because some is being placed on the Internet on a site describing my product line. The site is a little disorganized because I am personally doing a number of these things myself. You may view it at EASY SHAVE Sales or under face shaving research. did not help by scrambling the pages of the site, however I should have it together soon. If it is O.K. I can send you some information that is being given to the public as part of advertising my products. Shaving is a complex subject and the public must me taught quite a bit of information about doing it. There is a lot of information about it on the Internet that is not true. This is even among dermatologists because shaving is not a part of their studies. Since the e-mail is so long I am going to answer your questions in another one.

Lemuel C. Leeper
Lemuel C. Leeper, Ph.D.
Leeper Development Labs </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>

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