Shaving body with hair clippers, good idea or bad?


Hello everyone,

I’ve always been hairy, legs arms, chest and a strip of drown the middle of my belly.
I was happy with the way I looked but in 2010,I made a mistake and took something I shouldn’t have.

I now have hair everywhere, back, shoulders, all up the arms and everywhere I had hair prior has gotten a lot longer, darker and thicker.
Needles to say it’s got me feeling very depressed, I’ve tried waxing from a few different salons but always end up with folliculitis, my back is the worst for this.

I’ve had quite a few sessions with IPL laser but to be honest, it hasn’t really reduced the hair growth, it’s regrown within a matter of weeks, tried sugaring but again I end up with folliculitis.

I have two hair clippers, one corded which is designed for head hair and a beard trimmer which I use to sort out my face when I begin to resemble Grizzly Adams.
Due to times when I’ve trimmed the nether regions with the clippers, the hair length there now is approximately two and a half to three inches long, I randomly pull one hair out now and again and hold it tip to tip and it measures three inches, worried I shouldn’t of trimmed so often down there.

My question is, seeing as I have all the unwanted body hair and neither waxing nor laser helps, is it an option to go to town on myself with the clippers/trimmer?
Will I itch like crazy and will the hairs grow back darker, thicker and longer?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Shaving/trimming your facial hair should not make it grow back thicker or longer.

Regardless, you should only use devices that are designed for the area you’re working on. Head hair clippers tend to have very pointy ends and wide teeth. I would not use this type of device on body hair, as I would undoubtedly end up cutting myself.


Shaving will create a blunt end and hair will feel coarse.
IPL, it is not surprising that you saw no progress.
Is there any reason why you have not explored electrolysis?