Shaving between treatments

Is it okay to shave between treatments, or does this effect what phase of growth the hair is in?

Yes, it is okay to shave between treatments. If you need to remove hair between treatments, this is the preferred method.

No, shaving has absolutely no effect on the growth of you hair or the life cycles of hair.

If shaving doesn’t have anything to do with the growth cycle of the hair, what does? How do I keep it in the growth phase?

you can’t control the growth cycles. they go in and out of cycles on their own. what you need to do is NOT disturb the cycles, which means don’t wax or use any other method that removes hair with the root throughout the treatments.

Thanks for the help. I go in next Friday for my first CoolGlide treatment. I’m treating back,shoulders, and back of neck for $125 per treatment. It is at a doctors office, maybe that is why its so cheap. They said they just started doing it because so many patients asked about it, and they like the change in routine. I also have skin type II, and from what I read yag lasers are best on darker skin types,does that mean it wont be as effective on light skin?

what is your hair color? Yags are best for dark coarse hair and generally are not as powerful as an alex. if you want the absolute best results, i would go with an alex for your skin type.

I have black hair

if your hair is very coarse, you will get results with a Yag. But most likely results will be better with an alex or a diode laser, especially after a few treatments when the hair is getting finer.