shaving between epilations

I epilate my back , but i’ve noticed a problem with some small hairs growing back the day after. If i use the epilator everyday, i get lots of bumps and ingrowns. How do you deal with this? is it common to shave between epilations?

I can certainly understand the bumps and ingrowns. My chest has broken out something aweful with pimples due to epilating.

Yes, I suggest shaving at least one a week after epilating to get rid of ingrowns and to just exfoliate the skin. This is something I need to do myself but just don’t take the time to do.

if you see the hairs the very next day, the only way they’re the same hairs is if the hair wasn’t pulled out completely with the root and broke off midway.

Exactly. Because if you pull the hair out by the root, it’s usually 4-5mm long under the skin, and depending on how fast your hair grows, that’s how long it’ll be before that same hair resurfaces.