Shaving before treatment

With Epilight I was told to have a few days growth in the area I want treated. Now that I’ve switched to Lightsheer, they say to shave the area completely the day of (or evening before) treatment. If I am completely shaved, how will they know where the hair is. Won’t they miss some? Also, what about treatments on areas that are already fairly clear. For example, my underarms have had several Epilight treatments. Therefore, there are several spots that have no hair at all. If I shave what’s there, and they treat the entire underarm, will it stimulate hair growth or cause any other problem for me to be treated where there is no hair. Thanks.

They will likely miss some of the hairs, but if you leave it longer, it will hurt more. This is partly because the hair will burn off and land on the skin, this could potentially cause small scarring from burns on the surface of the skin rather than in the hair follicle. Ask the clinic if they will do a touch up treatment for free to catch anything that they missed. The place I went to did this.

Today I had my first treatment with the SpectraClear, and the woman trimmed the hair, didnt totally take it off.

Shaving will make the laser treatment more effective. Hair above the skin can cause burns.