shaving before electrolysis???

ok i’m a 20 year old female and facial hair runs in my family for some reason i started shaving my sideburns chin and upper lip about a year and a half ago and now i don’t understand why well since i started shaving i’ve been doing it every morning i’m getting sick of feeling like a man who has to get up and run to the bathroom every morning to shave so i was thinking about going to an electrolysis my mother went and doesn’t have any hair on her face now i was considering laser but i want the long term results so my main question is i’m very fair skinned with dark hair and i have to wear my hair up for work can you shave before you go to the electrolysis or do you have to have the hair grown because theres no way i could go to work having to wear my hair up with a facial hair everywhere thats the other reason i ruled out laser because they were saying you have to let it grow out i’m trying to get all the facts before i make an appointment thank for your help in advance

It is nice to have one to three days worth of growth before an electrolysis treatment. However, I do work on a client who comes to me 12 hours after she shaves and there is a good amount of hair that are just barely long enough to grasp with my tweezers. Her hairs are very,very coarse so they grow a little faster than smaller hairs. Ideally, you will need at least 24 hours so there is something for your practioner can grasp easily.


Hmmm, if your mom had it done, then ask her what she did. I think I have read that you need to have some hair for the electrologist to grasp hairs. Can you make an appointment to do electrolysis before work or during the morning, so that you can get it off after it is done and go to work later? I think that’s another good choice you might consider doing. Have a consultation with an electrologist or laser practitioner on other options.

You can shave right before laser treatments. In most cases it is preferred.


i’m confused about which to pursue the laser or electrolysis i know my mom has had the electrolysis done but that was like 20 some years ago and some people in the laser forum said laser didn’t work for them so if i do something i want it to work i don’t want to spend the money and still have hair ahh so confused