shaving before electrolysis treatment

I’ve read how some electrologists recommend their patients shave the area to be treated 7 - 10 days before treatment in order to locate the hairs in the active stage and not waste time zapping hairs in the other stages. Sounds like a great idea and was just trying to get some more feedback on this subject to see whether it really works or not. I am currently undergoing electrology and do not shave prior, but I’m thinking maybe I should. Thanks.

This entire topic is covered in another post.

Hi swami and thank you for your great question. Shaving isn’t something that a lot of clients like to do prior to electrolysis, but I really LOVE IT when my clients take this advice. It is good for them and good for me. Pre-shaving makes electrolysis less time-consuming so you actually save money.

Electolysis is more effective when the hairs are in the growing stage and thats where pre-shaving is good for many reasons.

*Without pre-shaving,it is hard to tell the difference between a growing hair and a non-growing hair on the surface. Sooooo, there would be many insertions of the probe into the hair follicles that are not really treatable and that would be a waste of time. If you shave prior to electrolysis, then you will see only the active growing hairs that are above the skin and thus, they will be the only ones receiving treatment.

*It is more comfortable for the client when we work on growing hairs and there are fewer side effects to the upper layers of skin because the probe goes deeper into the follicle of a growing hair as opposed to a non-growing hair that is close to the top skin layer.

*A growing hair slides out easier when the right amount of current for the right amount of time is used as opposed to an old, dry non-growing hair that usually may have some resistance even if the right amount of energy and time is used.

I like my clients to shave at least three days prior to their treatment. Many of my ladies cringe when I suggest this because shaving myths are still alive and well or they just don’t like the blunted growth feel.

Why don’t you try it and see how it goes.


thanx for the great info dee.
seems like a lot of time and money can be saved by shaving beforehand. i’m gonna give it a try.