Shaving back

im 19 and i have wispy black hairs all over my back. its kind of like peach fuzz i guess and isnt noticable but i know its there and i look at it in the bathroom mirror and it disgusts me. what makes it worse is that i have bacne and overall i have horrible skin. i’m afraid to shave with a straight razor because of the ingrowns and pimples i will get.
i have the same wispys on my shoulders and triceps and i used to shave them with the bodygroomer but that gave me horrible ingrowns too. now i shave with wahl hair clippers. there’s still stubble but what can i do.
when i shaved my back with the bodygroom i only got a few small ingrowns but i think i was just lucky. does anybody know of any goods electric razors that will do the job without getting too close. i have a top of the line panasonic but that f’s up my skin. i heard about a product called “mangroomer” but have heard no reviews. please help thanks

I am surprised that the Bodygroom causes ingrowns. It does not shave as close as a regular razor like a Braun or men’s Remington.

You might try one of the Remington women’s shavers, called “Smooth and Silky.”

Tend Skin works very well at treating and preventing ingrowns BTW.


i use tendskin but i really dont see much of a difference. but anyways, ya the bodygroomer kills my tri’s and shoulders with ingrowns

Yeah, I actually have the mangroomer and it is pretty awesome. I just wrote about it with another guy who is 24 and is embarrassed by his back hair and I had the same issue. That is the main reason I bought this shaver - because it is do it yourself and private. I have the bodygroom as well and I have had problems with ingrown hairs because of its foil shaves too close and I need my girl to reach my back for me. That totally sucks for me. I wanted something I could be more private with. The mangroomer has been awesome and works really well and no ingrown hairs or pain! Finally something easy and pretty cool. I heard about it on Howard Stern on Sirius and visited their website pretty high-tech and rockin.

Hi Blane

Try trimmers with a low setting. I use my razor with clipper cutters and it works like a charm. BTW I use a Phillips / Norelco wet and dry coolskin. It’s pricy but pays for itself soon espcipcilly if you are using blades. The ingrowns and unpleasentness dissappaear almost at once. Also try using tendskin and hypoallergenic cream (very cheap and good) they will also help.