Shaving arm hair

I’m a girl and I have some visible arm hairs that I want to get rid of. I want to shave them but I’m afraid they might grow out funny or regrow as ingrown hairs. So, I’ve tried just using scissors and randomly cutting a few hairs off, for now. Does anyone else have noticeable arm hair that they have tried shaving and want to share their after-effects?
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I have been shaving my arm hair for about two years now. I don’t get ingrown hairs at all. I originally started shaving my arm hair when I went to have laser removal done - it was taking too long and was too expensive, so I quit after 4 treatments.

The trick to shaving (anywhere) is knowing which way the hair grows, so you’re shaving in the proper direction. Be careful around your wrist bones as the area can be cut easily.

In the summer, I shave my arms every day, not as often in the winter. As long as I use moisturizing body washes and lotion afterward, my skin stays very healthy.

Hope this helps - Good Luck!

If you plan to shave regularly, it can be a great option-- simple, cheap, etc.

Ingrowns are most likely to occur if you have curly hair of if the hairs grow at a narrow angle to the skin. Exfoliating and moisturizer usually will do the trick.

I’ve shaved, but I personally find a rotary epilator is better for my own arms. Less stubble, and I only do it once a month.

How about bleaching arm hair? I have black hair and I’d rather not have to shave every other day. The bleach colour would probably remain forever, right?

Hmm…Where do you find the bleach for that…is it the regular bleach I’d find at a drugstore for my own ‘head hair’?

Thanks alot for replying!

I tried bleaching my arm hair, also dark, a long time ago. It didn’t make the hair that much lighter and it bleached the tan out of my skin. I can’t remember which product it was, but it was an over-the-counter hair coloring product, which lightened head hair just fine. Maybe it’s just me, but the bleaching didn’t seem to work on my arm hair.

i can’t think of an easier place on the body to use one of those do it your self electro kits =- i mean are u that lazy? lol

Armhair, bleacing usually lasts a few weeks to a few months, depending on the area and you hair color. Darker hairs will need treatment more often. Just like head hair color, you can get roots showing. Cream bleaches are available at most drugstores, usually with thre shaving products and depilatories.

As Bright Blue Eyes notes, it can do stuff to your skin, so test it on a small area others don’t see before putting a lot on.

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