shaving and thickness

I realize people are saying that it is scientificly proven that hair doesn’t get thicker with shaving, but for some weird reason I don’t really agree with it. I think shaving those fine vellus hairs will make them thicker. If a woman was to shave those fine hairs on her face that are barely obvious, would they not get thicker? The reason i’m asking is because as an immature young girl, i shaved the fine vellus sides of my face, and i believe that is why the hair turned black. any inputs on this?

No,no and again no! Please do a search here on hairtell or on google for ‘the effects of shaving on hair growth’ as this has been discussed more times than I can keep track of.

You did nothing wrong by shaving those fine hairs on your face. The only side effects of shaving are cutting the skin, abrasions or general irritation.