Shaving after laser treatments

I just had my second laser treatment done a few days ago. Because the area being treated is on my face I shave in between appointments. When the hair was coming back in from the 1st treatment (and most of it did) it seemed like it was much harder to get a close shave, no matter how many times I went over the same spots I could still feel stubble. After my 2nd treatment I’m having the same problem. I use the same type of razor as I’ve always used, and nothing about the way I shave has changed. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen or might know what’s going on…maybe it’s just a weird thing with me…
One more question. like I said this was my 2nd treatment, I had it done 5 days ago. Since that time not one single hair has come out that I know of. I’ve even gently given a few hairs a tug with a pair of tweezers, and they’re firmly planted. If any were going to come out wouldn’t they have started by now, or does it just need more time?

Give it more time … unfortunately, it can take up to four weeks for the hair to release.

I think the timing on this might be different for different areas on the body on the same people. I hope it is quicker for you on the face.

Using moisturizer and gentle exfoliation helps the process along. Try to resist the temptation to tweeze and that can be counterproductive to the lasering.

Hi cj_1319,
Thanks for the encouragement and advice.
Don’t worry, I don’t plan on actually plucking any of the hairs. Just used tweezers to see if the hairs felt like they would slide out or were firmly in place.
Thanks Again

I have noticed that a lot of hairs will seem stuck in place and seem like they’ll never come out. then all of a sudden they will come right out after a few weeks. I find this especially noticeable with the Aurora IPL/RF and the Lightsheer.


Hello RJC2001,
Thanks for your reply. Just like you had said, some of the hairs have started to come out. Glad to know from your post that my experience is fairly normal. Thanks again for the reassurance.