Shaving after Laser Hair Removal

I was wondering if any guys out there have had laser hair removal done to their beards and if so if they could share their experience (results). Also, I have a tough beard. Shaving takes me about 20 minutes everyday and I don’t even get a very close shave. I understand that laser hair removal isn’t always permanent and it can be quite costly, but I was wondering what kind of effect just one or two laser treatments would have on my beard. I also understand individual result will vary, but would it be easier to shave afterward?

I have a tough beard and am getting LHR on my full face now (just 1 tx so far). I have noticed some thin spots and uneven growth (minor) for which I was forwarned. At this point, there is no difference on shaving. I certainly hope to reduce the beard significantly. Oh to have no facial hair!

Check out my reply in this recent post:…mp;vc=1&q=1

It should answer your questions, if not let me know.