Shaved my butt

I’m getting laser hair removal on by butt, and during the weekend, I shaved the hairs off for the very first time. Now I have about 15 red dots on each butt cheeck from irritation again my underwear. I wear 100% cotton underwear butt I guess that didn’t help. Also, it was very difficult for me to shave by butt hair, because I couldn’t see what I was doing. I’m using tend skin to get rid of the red bumps. I think I need to make sure I hold my skin taunt when I shave my butt. But what should I do about the friction against butt and underwear? Is their any lotion, cream, or oil that can prevent this?

Actually, I don’t think your underwear has anything to do with it. The red bumps are caused by the now sharp hair ends trying to force their way through the top layer of skin as they continue to grow. This irritates the skin, causing the red bumps. After you shaved, the hairs dropped below the surface of the skin after they were cut (due to being stretched slightly by the razor before being sliced off) and now they are trying to break through the surface. You can assist this process by exfoliating in the shower or bath with a loofa or stiff brush or a rough fabric covered sponge designed for this purpose ($5 at Linens 'n Things or similar places). Then apply Tend Skin after your shower. You can also apply moisturizer to soften the skin so the hairs can get through easier. In any event, unless the hairs become ingrown, the problem should clear up in a few days once all the cut hairs break through the surface.

Next time you might try a close trim with a hair clipper or mustache/beard trimmer instead. You may still get a few red bumps (especially if you sit a lot during the day) but not as many as from shaving. You’ll still look pretty hairless and should be more comfortable.