Shave No More


I was wondering if this product has been tried? It was the only one that was not listed on the website to join this forum as to making false claims? I am pregnant and it is 100% natural with no vitamin A and 100% money back guaranteed.

Scam-o-rama. Save your money.

HI - this is the reason why I joined this forum, I have been looking at Shave no more, web site looks pretty impressive, but before I part with my cash I want to hear some opinions from some ‘real’ people!
I have tried creams similar to this, which smelt bad (I could smell it all day!) and were a waste of money, so until a real life person replies, don’t get it!!

DJ [color:“blue”] [/color]

Skin, Hair and Fingernails are made of the same thing. The idea that you can rub something on your skin and permanently remove your hair is like thinking that one can vaporize water in a ice cup without melting the ice, or disturbing the surrounding water vapor.

It just can’t happen