Shave before laser???

I really hope someone can help me.

I’ve scheduled an appt to have the first laser treatment to my upper lip.
But now I read this site and I’m worried. I didn’t find out what type of laser they will use or meet the person doing it.

Thay said they will shave my upper lip prior to laser. Has anyone heard of this? I’m worried as I don’t want stubble to appear (I’ve never shvaed, waxed or plucked the hair because of this worry)

It seems laser is only as good as the Technician - how do I know how good someone is?
(There was a client booking her next appt, she looked happy, - is this enough??!)

How can I get a test area done on the upper lip, won’t it look funny?

I hope someone can help ASAP my appt is Monday March 15th!

I am caucasian with fine upper lip hair, only bleached until now

No need to Shave if You Use IPLs in a good hand.Diode yes you will have to shave