Shave before laser treatment

Sorry if you’ve read this before, I wasn’t sure where to post.

I have just made my first appt at Nuvo International salons for upper lip laser on Monday.

However just been reading this site and suddenly all excitement vanishes! …

They will shave my upper lip prior to treatment. I have browsed this forum and nobody has mentioned having this done. I’m worried stubble will grow back. I’ve never shaved, waxed or plucked my fine upper lip hair.

How do I know how good the Technician is?

I didn’t find out which laser they’ll use, is this important?

Where should I get a test area done? On my lip or elsewhere.

The girl said it was pretty painless on upper lip, only painful on larger areas, armpits and bikini area. Is this true?

Should I go ahead with the appt or go and ask for a test area to be done only.

The price is $24.99 for each treatment,4- 6 treatments in total, seems awfully cheap, too cheap??


I’ve read some other posts indicating that Nuvo uses the Candela GentleLase. One of the better lasers. If your upper lip hair is very long, clip it with sideburn trimmers before they shave it (I doubt if they will have clippers there–my doc doesn’t). As far as test patches, they will probably fire a test pulse on your upper lip and observe the skin’s reaction. The price seems cheap, but this is a small area we’re talking about.

Thanks htky. I really appreciate your reply. I went in for a test patch, which the nurse did just below my ear, and I didn’t fel a thing, well no pain just a sensation … HOWEVER she said she had the machine set at 12 joules. From what I’ve read on this excellent site this doesn’t sound anything like enough “power”.

Is it enough? Will she have that machine higher for the “real thing”!!!

I liked the Nurse very much, she gave me plenty of time to air my concerns, and gave good advice that seemed consistent with what I’ve learned here. She also let me speak with a customer who’d had her first treatment.
BTW this Nuvo center uses the Aurora machine.

I have my first treatment in 2 days time and being the wimp I am want to get some ela max cream but I can’t find it anywhere.
So my question now is … where can I buy this cream?
I guess I might be able to schedule a Dr’s appt for tomorrow to obtain a prescription for Emla cream, but have left it very late.

So apart from my ela max concerns am now worried about shaving in between treatments and shadowing, but have decided just to take the risk and go for it.

If anyone reads this please advise me where I can buy ela max cream ASAP. (I live in North Ca)


What is this ela max (Emla) cream you are talking about? I, too, am from No. Cal. and I’ve just had my 2nd treatment for upper hair removal at Nuvo International. It’s going really well. Nuvo uses the Aurora (IPL-RF) laser, according to their info brochure.

So, calgal1071, how are things going for you?

I have a question for you - why do they keep telling us to wear SPF40 sunscreen on the lasered area? Is the lasered area prone to absorbing UVA/UVB rays after the treatment?? Does anybody know?

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Hi Californiagrrl, this is no answer to your questions, but would you possibly post here or on another thread more details about your treatments with the Aurora. The more info on results from this new technology the better! Please include stuff like your hair and skin color. My treatment (the latest one) was done at 25rf and 30 joules, which is the max. On my face the joules was set at 26 I believe.

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Hello to All,
My name is Tamy Roberts, Customer Service Manager for Nuvo International. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may regarding treatments, technicians, lasers, or any other customer service issues you may have regarding Nuvo.
Please contact me either by e-mail or phone.
Thank you in advance

Hi Californiagurll,

I hope you’re still reading this forum. I haven’t checked in for a while.
The Ela max cream, (now called MLX I beleive) I special ordered from Longs. It cost $56.00 :fearful:
And I haven’t used it! - yet!
I’ve had 3 treatments at Nuvo on my upper lip and am extremely pleased. Hair 90% gone and what’s there is light fine hair, no need to shave at all apart from the odd hair now and then.
Due to that sucess I had my first treatment on my chin 2 days ago. Now that hair is darker and coarser and I’d plucked for years so had to stop that 6 weeks ago and shave every day in preparation for laser :frowning:

I don’t see nay difference yet but it was only 2 days ago. I didn’t have any shedding of my upper lip hair - that I noticed (Where did it all go?!!) Maybe i’ll notice some chin hair shedding though since the hairs are coarser.
The Nurse said my readings were a bit on the low side for the chin area meaning that it’s possible the heat wasn’t penetrting as deeply as she’d like.
I’m thinking next time I go in 6 weks to use this ela max cream I’ve paid so much for, so she can set the machine a little higher on the chin.

Anyway enough of me, so you are pleased too with your upper lip? Do you feel any pain when having it zapped?

One thing about Nuvo is that for my 3 appointments I have seen 3 different nurses! The first one left I was told, not a very good sign when the place has only been open for 6 months.
However the nurses are all nice, advice is consistent and I feel confidant.

when they set the machine at a higher level does this not cause scarring? what is the best level to have a laser pulse?


I’m no expert but Yes I belive if the laser is set too high it can cause scarring. But on this machine the Aurora, it displays numbers which tell the Nurse how hot my skin has got, thus she can control the heat without damaging my skin.
I’ve never even had any redness that lasts beyond 5 minutes.
the Nurse always looks at my skin color as well as the numbers on th screen