Sharplan EpiTouch, Alexandrite version

I’m having my arms treated with this laser, intensity setting was 21. (first and second time)

I’ve only done two treatments so far. I noticed that I didn’t relly lose any hair at all, just that in some areas it came back thinner.

I have white skin and black hair. Im a male, 20 yo

Anyone who has any info on that system, how effective it is, prolems with it, please share.

Thank you

The EpiTouch is fine, though some early models had less than ideal cooloing for the skin, That meant you can’t turn up the energy as high, which in turn means the results tend not to be as good. More important than the laser is the practitioner-- is he or she the most experienced person in town? Since these devices first came out in 1997/1998, they are sometimes bought used by salons and other less experiencxed people.

Thank you.

Its rather odd, I’ve visited 3 laser institutions here, they all have the sharplan epitouch alexandrite version. I dont know why its so popular in Montreal.

I havent been to any center that does not have this laser. It seemed to have great results on my legs, even aftre the first treatment, although it hurt like hell.

Ive done my arms with the same machine but at another place, and results havent been so good, even after 2 treatments. Too patchy. I shall treat my arms at the same place I have treated my legs.

There is no cooling piece in the machine, but the pain is not totally unbearable… I remember seeing 2 LED displays on the machine I was treated with, the first was set at 2.1, the second was set at 3.0 (for my legs) if memory serves.

Hi JamesB

i’m from montreal too…
i wanna do lazer on my legs.
Witch clinics did you visit ???
and witch one did you choose…

Unfortunatly, i only got one recommendation from a friend.

I’ve got an evaluation at the Cliniques Dr Robert Prescott… i know they have an alexandrite machine but it’s about all for now.

I’ve done electrolosis on my eye brows , underarms and finishing bikini line… i’m just tired of weekly appointment.

anyway, thanks


My most pleasant experience so far has been Eclipse Laser, and their prices are very impressive as well.
Their site is

I’ve had terribly patchy results from Dr. Papanastisou, so I dont think Im going there anymore.