sharper image at home unit report.

I am sure you will all jump on me for this, but I swear that the sharper image system is working for me.

I have noticed a marked reduction in hair… about 20-30% range so far.

I have been using it for about 6 months now, pretty much every day.

I have gone through about 3 refil patches and 3 refil gels.

I generally have broken the rules and when I do an area I do about 4 applications back to back.

I am not suggesting anyone else either a) do this, or b) will get results… I am only posting to say that it worked for me… and seems to be continuing to work.

So I guess either its in my head… which I guess is possible… mind over matter, or perhaps people just are so different that anything could work in one person and not in most others.

Can anyone who has said this is a fraud please let me know how oftin you used it for and for how long?

I did not notice any real progress until the end of my 2nd refil… about 1 1/2 months into using the product.

The other suggestion I have if anyone is interested is that the patches can be used a LOT more than the 7 times they say to use them max… just put a light coat of the gel on the patch before placing it on your skin.

I am new here as of this day. But I have been using the sharper image unite in my pubic area. I have not used the patches, only the gel. Have tried to use it every other week or 7days to 10 days. Have felt not enough growth to be able to tweeze out after. It seems that there is less hair in the two spots I am treating. Maybe psycological- but since I read this site a week ago I have hesitated to do another treatment but is time to do one. I do apply hot moist on the area for 10 to 20 minutes befor to open up pores. If it is notworking it is on the lighter hairs but a few dark are coming back. I have treated about 4-5 times. I am sure I have over laped area aome, which it says to try not to, maybe easier with patchs to accomplish this. But I have notnoticed any irritation or overly redness. Now, here trying to see what is more often used for those areas professinaly or at home. I have lightbrown to dark brown hair, medium to light skin. complection. I would not know were to go in my area professionally, but see laser and electrolisis in med, buildings and bill boards frequently. Referal I would not know unless I ask a doctor I suppose? Maybe this was not much help, but will keep on with what I have for now. I will keep watching. Thanks, Wing

I would just like to ad a few comments to my previous post. One, I think it odd there is only been the one post to say it works. And nothing since. I would have some questions on their comment of treatments back to back. What is that mean, daily, weekly. I am not so sure the product dose work and I am on my second bottle . The instructions say the patches take longer to achieve results so I have only used the gel and treatments every other week sometimes every week. I have to wait for hair to return since you have to pluck after treatment. From reading other electrolisis treatments, this one the hair dose not usually just slip out with no feeling. I have another posted note, that I have been watching a scared spot that has few hairs and those have been not as dark or course as other hair but they have still returned,and darker hair appears to also return. To bad the other post only made the one as that was dated 10 months back she or he should have a better idea by now. I am a bit concerned if I wait much longer I may not be able to return the product. Not a lot of money but time consuming of course to keep treeting myself. Any other people experience this product. Or know of others. Thanks, wings

Look, it is real simple. This thing doesn’t work.
It can’t work.
We are just sick of telling everybody that it is pie in the sky. If you have a mind to check it out, go to our sister site and read to your heart’s content.

All these things do is facilitate more comfortable tweezing, not follicle damage (although skin surface damage is a strong possibility to those who really up the current and duration of contact) and no permanent deactivation of follicles can be achieved.