Shameful secret

When I was 15 the girls I hung out with somehow convinced me to trim my longer than normal sideburns (not scary long just a little long) and like an idiot teenager I did it. Since that HUGH mistake I have had problems with facial hair! I am very light skinned with dark hair. The problem is that when I graduated a few people made remarks about my hair and I became very self conscious about it. I began shaving, at first I did it every other day or so, but as time passed the hair came in a lot quicker and now I am stuck shaving everyday. I always have to wear my hair down and covering as much of my face as possible because I am so embarrassed at the gray color that is ALWAYS there, even after I have I feel like it is very noticeable. Now I am engaged to the greatest man in the world and I am terrified that he is going to be disgusted by the hair on my face. I really want to do laser removal but I need some advice as to what type of laser I should and should not use. Does anyone have any advice? Also does anyone have advice about breaking the news to my future husband? I hate keeping secrets from him.

Desperately seeking a hair free existence!!! :confused:

An easier way is to wax or pluck those hair off, and you might have better results then shaving.
If you are seeking for hair removal, I suggest you first read the then the most important thing is to find a good practitioner.

Please do not listen to those who tell you laser won’t work at all. Laser will work, but only to the suitable skin/hair colours.

Hi Yankeegirl,
I’ve been exactly where you are & know how tough it is.
Here’s my advice on your situation, it doesn’t come from a technical standpoint, just things I’ve learned along the way from my own experience.
Instead of shaving everyday, I’d suggest plucking or look into laser. Waxing would be a good choice except for the fact that you’ll have to let the hair grow out a bit so the wax can grab on. If you’re like me, the last thing I wanted to do was show the world what I had been covering up for so long, in the process of getting rid of it. If I remember right, the same holds true with electrolysis, or at least where I went it did. The lady who did it said I would need to stop plucking during treatment, and shave instead, but not shave for a week before each treatment. This may not be true of all places (?) so maybe check this out.
With plucking, you still may have to do it every day or so, but you’ll have the hairs growing in different cycles so it’s not as much at once. Also, it reduces that dark shadow that you still see under make up. The other good option in my opinion is laser. I’ve plucked my facial hair since I was 15. Now, at 24 after deciding I couldn’t do this forever, & feel so self-conscious about it, I’m getting laser. The only thing that’s been keeping me from it was money, but I decided it was important enough I would take out a loan if I had to. One of the main things I liked about this, was that I could shave up until my treatments and right afterwards if needed. Sometimes if I’m going to be at home for the day, I won’t shave so I can see how much of it is coming in. I was also told at some places that I would need to let enough grow to make a 5 o’clock shadow before my appointments , so they could see where to laser. For me, that can be accomplished by just not shaving the morning of the treatment.
As for the fiance thing…I’ve been there too. No guy I ever dated saw me without make up on, & never knew about my facial hair. I’ve been married 10 months, & when I first met my husband I wondered what he would think of me when he found out. I intended to keep it hidden as long as I could, I thought I could even tell him, as long as he never saw it. He lived in 3 hours away, and before my first time to go visit him I knew I had to tell, I’d be there a week & I’d have to pluck every day. When I told him he was so great about it. He started telling me all the things he didn’t like about his body & told me I was beautiful no matter what. During our engagement & after we got married he’s seen the hair, watched me pluck, and now that I’m getting laser has even seen my chin completely covered in black hair. He knows how much I hate it & how it makes me feel, and always tells me that he supports my decision to get laser, but that he’s loves me no matter how I look. I’m sure your guy is great, give him the chance to be a source of support through this.
I appologize for this being so long, your story just really hit close to home. Good luck in everything & keep us posted on how things go… :grin: