Shameful Secret

When I was 15 the girls I hung out with somehow convinced me to trim my longer than normal sideburns (not scary long just a little long) and like an idiot teenager I did it. Since that HUGH mistake I have had problems with facial hair! I am very light skinned with dark hair. The problem is that when I graduated a few people made remarks about my hair and I became very self conscious about it. I began shaving, at first I did it every other day or so, but as time passed the hair came in a lot quicker and now I am stuck shaving everyday. I always have to wear my hair down and covering as much of my face as possible because I am so embarrassed at the gray color that is ALWAYS there, even after I have I feel like it is very noticeable. Now I am engaged to the greatest man in the world and I am terrified that he is going to be disgusted by the hair on my face. I really want to do laser removal but I need some advice as to what type of laser I should and should not use. Does anyone have any advice? Also does anyone have advice about breaking the news to my future husband? I hate keeping secrets from him.

Desperately seeking a hair free existence!!! :confused:

Hello Yankeegirl!!
I know exactly what you are going through!! I too have unsightly facial hair. I was a slave to my tweezers until I decided to start shaving WRONG thing to do! I have decided to have laser hair removal done. I too had to tell my fiance about this as I need his support. He is the one person that I was most embarressed to speak about my “problem”. He was great about it. He said that he noticed it long ago but didn’t want to point it out. He loves me, all of me. He supports the idea of laser treatments and said he would do anything to help me get my self esteem back. Afterall, that is what matters. I am getting my first treatment in few weeks, and I am looking forward to it. I will finally be able to wear my hair up and not constantly be aware of my facial hair which is horrible!
So-- go for it, just tell him. Chances are that he has already noticed and obviously doesn’t think any less of you. Good Luck!! Hang in there, there are solutions to make this problem alot easier to manage.

I am glad that a lady has added her voice to mine on this one. I have said for years that your guy either already knows and doesn’t care, or if he doesn’t know already, but would leave your, or think any less of you over something like this, you are better off without him.

I would however add that in my opinion, you would be better off doing electrolysis as the area you are treating can be cleared in one long appointment to start, and will be a memory in about 9 to 18 months depending on your treatment schedule. Once you get to having full clearances every time you go, you may only have to go once every 6 weeks or more, and then you will have a long time with no hair just before you have your last appointment or two after maybe 6 months with no treatment.

YankeeGirl, getting a little hair removal is not uncommon, and I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal to your husband to be. However, if it’s a source of anxiety, you can probably get it under control without telling him by getting a few treatments. As James mentione, electrolysis is a good option for that area, and if you want to try a laser, I’d go to a place thjat uses a diode or alexandrite. There are tons of posts in the laser section on all this. Whatever you choose make sure the practitoner is really good and had LOTS of experience!