Sexual desire and Hairiness

Hey I was wondering, since hairiness starts at puberty and so does sexual desire, do you reckon that if a person had no sexual desire what so ever(the way little kids are), he wouldnt be hairy either?

LOL just a thought.

And does anyone know what relationship there is between hormones that control libido/sexual energy and hormones that control body/facial/pubic hair?

That is actually a good question, considering the purpose of much body hair is transference of pheromones into the air to advertise one’s personal sexiness to the noses of those around you, rather you like it or not.


As one goes through puberty their testosterone level rises. As it rises they develope secondary sexual characteristics such as a more manly physique and other changes such as hairiness.

The testosterone also results in an increased sex drive. If your testosterone levels are low then so is the sex drive.


I also think that is a good question. Quite apart from Testosterone levels and Pheremone transference. Desires differ between men and women, but we all start off hairless in the beginning. Boys develop hair, as we all know, around 12 to 14 as hormone levels rise. Girls undergo other changes, but much less hair - yet they shave much more and worry about hairy appearences, from I assume a sexual perspective.

Only fairly recently has smooth skin on men begun to be percieved as sexually attractive, showing muscle definitions not previously visible, and generally highlighting the body in a way that has not been seen before. It has however always been evident in modelling and movies that hairy men don’t fit as well, so shaving of the male body must hold some sexual attraction.


Hmmmmmmm…you know, I would love to know how very hairy people differ mentally, pyschologically and emotionally from people who are not hairy at all.

I dont mean the attitudes and feelings they develop BECAUSE of being hairy, but how they differed mentally and emotionally in the first place as a human being.

By certain philosophies such as Buddhism, they say that body is created by mind and even modern science has found that genetic complexes have a relationship with personality.

So I’m wondering if there is a certain characteristic of mind that causes hairiness. If there is, maybe there’s a way to think and feel ourselves smooth.

Who knows, they say anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? or do I just sound utterly insane?

Hi Essess

You don’t sound utterly isnane to me at all. Sorry my spelling may be, but my wireless keyboard is giving a lot of grief. I am about to throw it out the second story window and drive over it with more than 2 tons of Volvo energy. Many cell phones and computers have met this fate desite my essentially good nature. I hate 21st century gadgets that don’t work the way they are advertised!.

There is a lot of truth in what you say about hairlessness. Our bodies and minds don’t yet sinc with what we need in my opinion. I need smooth legs to be more comfortable, maybe your needs are different. I have great respect for eastern religions and have travelled there many times.

People there don’t hold western cultural values in any high regard as far as I can see, but seem to belive in the body a a whole well being, which I respect. Their view is different as it does not only focus on the physical appearence, but also that of the mind, which is what I love so much.

Why look at only the physical body when our minds are capable of so much more. So what if you have hair or not, let it all go in self realisation like I did. Be happy in that fact alone - It’s worth more than you can imagine!


Hmmmm, I see what you are saying Stuart, but the fact still remains that unwanted hair causes embarrassment, reduces self confidence, ruins our physical appearence, ruins lives and causes much depression in many cases.

And all this cause of the way we were born??? Could we have done something to deserve the hair in the first place? Or does nature randomly punish people for no reason?

You could say “oh its because of your parents genes” but then it leaves us asking “well then why did I have to be born to parents with hairy genes and be destined for all this suffering?”.

Thats why I think there must be some emotional or mental characteristic that causes hairiness. Like some fair and logical explanation of why some people are born hairy and others are not.

And does anyone know what relationship there is between hormones that control libido/sexual energy and hormones that control body/facial/pubic hair?
I am late to this topic, but I will just give you my example.
I don’t like body hair on myself, and I know that I have low libido (compared to other guys).

Hi all,

This is an interesting question for sure. Personally I love sex and feel like I probably think about it more than the average male. I was perhaps the first guy in my school to lose my virginity (around age 12 or 13) and I could never get enough of my girlfriends up until about age 21.

But at that time I began noticing hair becoming more pronounced on my upper arms, lower back, etc.

As I became more self conscious about the hair I noticed my sexual desire decreasing more and more, as I became ashamed about it. I still love sex and think about it all the time, but just became more embarassed about the hair and became more uncomfortable being naked around my partners.
I used to always have a girlfriend and now, for the first time in my adult life have been without a gf for over a year. Now I feel reluctant to start a new relationship as I think I may have to hide my hair problem from them in order to attract them in the first place! Then it seems I will be living a lie with them, something I don’t want to do. :frowning:

I felt like maybe I was being punished for being so sexually active when I was younger (which I am quite sure is ridiculous) or perhaps being punished for my vanity.

I think also it is a bit of fate because when I was younger I always looked at hairy backs,feet, etc as disgusting. I wondered how people could go out looking like that, and thinking that I was so happy I would never have that problem. Well I am 24 now and I DO have that problem…and when I began researching the issue I was so shocked that there is no reliable permanent method to removing hair!
I even wrote a large post in this section about how I thought “Has science failed us?”
I couldn’t believe with all the products out there to help regrow hair that science could not find an permanent answer to kill hair!
It seems we humans are experts at killing things (the environment, each other, even whole species in the wild!)…why was the human hair so difficult an adversary?

I won’t subject myself to laser or IPL as I believe the amount of money demanded is insane for the pathetic results delivered. I may endure electroysis (as is proven to be permanent and the cost is not as high) if the problem worsens significantly but am currently holding out for a breakthrough in topical delivery products (being developed by Sirna, Quest, and PhotoDerma).

Sorry I have gotten off topic but the problem insenses me because you are only young once and I feel that my best years of sexual desireability are being robbed of me due to this embarassing problem. :frowning:

I wouldn’t feel comfortable going for the required 8-10 treatments of IPL/laser or even getting the areas waxed every few weeks because I just feel disgusted with myself and know deep down that nobody wants to see that! (I actually know a few beauty thearapists and they all say that waxing is the worst part of their job).
I could however endure one or two treatments with a “permanent” product if it did what it promised.
But then again even if Sirna could come out with the magic cream in three years or so, I am not so sure I would want to get it done right away as it is such a new technology, one might want to wait an additional few years to determine if there are any significant side effects.
As much as I hate the hair I am a realist and would never trade being hairless for sacrifices in my health…then again I think the hair issue gets me down so much that it may already be affecting my health (depression, etc). :frowning:

sigh I suppose it comes down to my own ego and vanity really…so am probably cursed until the permanent solution can be found.
Hopefully science can deliver a safe and permanent answer.

Thanks for allowing me to vent…yet again!